Korean International Agricultural Machinery Materials Fair

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Ancillary Events

Operation of export and buyer support center

Matching service between domestic companies and overseas buyers (foreign companies) and support for domestic companies for companies wishing to advance overseas
Main contents
- (Support for overseas buyers) : Provision of export consulting for overseas buyers and matching services for related companies, and provision of trade-related services such as import/export procedures, customs duties, etc.
- (Exhibitor Support) : Support for trade practices such as import/export procedures and contracts, and support for interpretation services for foreign buyers
Place of operation
West Building and East Building 1 each

International Symposium on Academic Studies (11.02-03, Korean Society of Agricultural Machinery)

Through discussion of global agricultural machinery industry trends and prospects revitalizing Korea's Agricultural Machinery Industry's Entry into the Global Market
About 300 people including domestic and foreign professors, overseas agricultural machinery organizations, research institute researchers, and industry officials
Main contents
Introduction of the current status of the agricultural machinery industry by continent and technology development trends of overseas companies through experts in the agricultural machinery industry by continent (Europe, North America, South America)

Day 1 (11.02) Symposium Program (Plan) [West Building Room 325]

Time Contents Presenter Team
13:30 ~ 14:00 Reception
14:00 ~ 14:15 Greetings Society President Kang-Jin Lee,Chairman Shin-Gil Kim Agricultural Machinery Association of Korea
14:15 ~ 14:25 Agrievolution Alliance Introduce Mr. Charlie O’Brien Agrievolution Alliance
14:25 ~ 14:40 Global Agricultural Machinery Market Status and Technology Development Prospect Mr. Ignacio Ruiz Agrievolution Alliance
14:40 ~ 15:10 Tractor Development Trends in Europe Ms. Castoldi BCS-Ferrari
15:10 ~ 15:40 Development Trend Autonomous Driving System Mr. Michael Gomes Topcon
15:40 ~ 15:55 Break time
15:55 ~ 16:10 Agricultural Machinery Industry Status Europe Mr. Marco Pezzini UNACOMA
16:10 ~ 16:25 North America Mr. Curt Blades AEM
16:25 ~ 16:40(video meeting) South America Argentina institute
16:40 ~ 16:55(video meeting) England AEA
16:55 ~ 17:10 Republic of Korea Dr. Young-sun Kang Chungnam National University
17:10 ~ 17:20 Q&A
17:20 ~ 18:30 Break time
18:30 ~ 20:30 dinner

Day 2 (11.03) program (plan)

Time Contents Presenter Team
9:00 ~ 12:00 Smart Agricultural Machinery Status and Policy Direction West Wing Room 324 Announcement of national research institutes in Japan and China

Future Agricultural Machinery Development Direction Seminar (11.03, Daegu Mechatronics & Materials Institute)

Discussion on the direction of future agricultural machinery development for digital and electrification conversion
About 100 people including agricultural machine manufacturers, smart ICT equipment manufacturers, professors, researchers, etc.
Schedule and location
11. 03 (Thu), 14:00~16:00, West Building Room 315

Agricultural Robot Contest (11.3, Korean Society of Agricultural Machinery)

Promotion of R&D of agricultural robot technology, Cultivating talents for realizing high technology and smart agriculture in the agricultural field
Qualification for participation
Undergraduate or graduate students from domestic universities (including agricultural life sciences college students)
Awards details
Total 10 million won
Ranking Prize Prize money
1st grand prize 500 million won
2nd first prize 300 million won
3rd excellence prize 100 million won
special prize idea 50 million won
special prize design 50 million won

Smart Farm Policy and Export Expansion Seminar

Smart farm development and export expansion policy enhance understanding
About 300 people including domestic and foreign professors, overseas agricultural machinery groups, researchers, and industry officials
Main Content
Announcement and discussion of major policy directions for smart farms (greenhouses, etc.), international agricultural cooperation projects, export expansion projects, etc.

Program(plan) and location

Date Time Contents Place Note
11. 3 (Thu) 9:00 ~ 12:00 Smart Greenhouse Policy West Building Room 315 Korea Nongamin Newspaper
11.4 (Fri) 11:00 ~ 17:00 Smart Greenhouse Export Expansion West Building Room 306 Smart Farm Industry Association

Experience center operation

Providing opportunities to experience product use through demonstration of autonomous driving agricultural machinery
a model of a performance
Self-driving tractors, self-driving controllers, etc
Experience Center Size
1,500 ㎡ (60m x 25m)
operating hours
11. 2 ~ 5, 10:00 ~ 16:00 outdoor experience center

giveaway event

In order to attract visitors, Agricultural equipment and household appliances are provided through a prize lottery (delivered by courier if not present on site)
Prize status
386 points (manager, mower, electric rice cooker, TV, bicycle, etc.)
Prize draw
Every day at 16:00, West Building 1st floor opening ceremony hall
How to apply
Visit the 3rd floor of the West Building (Grand Ballroom) and the Experience center → Register the barcode of the pass → Register 2 places -> Complete the application
* Prize lottery time, items, and quantity are subject to change at the discretion of the organizer, and prizes for winners will be sent by courier after the exhibition is over.
** Delivery and installation costs are borne by the winner