Korean International Agricultural Machinery Materials Fair

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Korean International Agricultural Machinery Materials Fair

KIMICO Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative.

2022. 11. 2(Wed) ~ 11. 5(Sat), For 4 Days
Ministry of Food and Rural Affairs / Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative, Daegu, Farmers Newspaper


Domestic & Foreign Business
Advanced Agriculture Machinery(Robots, Smart Agriculture, Etc), field farming · Exhibition of female-friendly agricultural machinery
Category(Field CropsㆍFruitsㆍHorticultureㆍlivestockㆍlivestock, Etc) Agricultural machinary & materials
Theme Hall
High-tech farming·field farming·Exhibition of female-friendly agricultural machinery & Suppliers Etc.

Side event

International Academic Symposium, Export business matching program, Demonstration and experience of field agricultural machinery, etc.


Type Exhibition Machine Place
Domestic & Foreign Business tillage and land preparation machinery tractor, cultivator, famr master, trencher, grader, back furrow maker, agricultural excavator, ridger, rotavator, drive harrow, harrow, etc west pavilion
harvest machinery carrier, harvester, vehicle, conveyers, underground crops harvester, combine, threshers, trailers, etc
Planting and transplanting machinery ptransplater, seeding machine, direct seeder, rice transplanter, nursery box, etc
growth management machinery binding machine, power sprayer, applicator, weeder, rewinder, agricultural aircraft, fertilizer spreaders, Compost spreaders, etc
Fruit bench, Artificial Pollen Carrier, PSB incubator, table-typed motorized vehicle, speed sprayer, etc east pavilion
Horticulture machinery agricultural drone sprayer, agitator, heater, ventilator, multifold thermal cover, sprinkler, Nutrient feeder(Nutrient System), Complex Environment Control System, etc
agricultural products processing grain dryer, crop dryer, grain sorter, washer, low-temperature freezer, etc
livestock machinery knotter, tied rice straw cutter, grapple, agricultural loader, bale wrapper, mower, rake tedder, feed mixer, loader for tractor
forestry machinery wood chipper, power cutter, pruning shears, Power saws, etc
Agricultural Machinary Parts ladder, rotary blade, hydraulic cylinder, warning lamp, agricultural machinery parts, etc
Theme Hall high-tech agricultural machinery·field farming machinery·female-friendly farm machinery autonomous driving, Seeders·Planter, small farm machinery, etc
- exhibition machine promotion, Production company exhibition hall, information
west pavilion